Why Jim McGee?

Montgomery County has a lot going for it. Excellent schools. Quality public transportation, a diverse community, a commitment to "smart development", quality green spaces - the list goes on.

But each of those areas can be pushed further.
One area that has consistently challenged the County is affordability and accessibility

Montgomery County is often called "progressive" but I would challenge that. There are at least two key ingredients that enable one to be called "progressive": a commitment to get money out of politics, and a commitment to working families. The Democratic Party nationally and locally has failed on both counts.

Getting money out of politics

Montgomery County's public campaign financing law has made it easy to differentiate those who talk about getting money out of politics and those who do. I am committed to public financing.

Commitment to working families

We live in the richest district in one of the richest counties in the country and yet we cannot seem to find a way to raise the minimum wage to $15. Those workers who are critical to making this the desirable community it is for residents, teachers, public servants, shop keepers, cannot find enough affordable family housing in Montgomery County

A Greener Montgomery County

Green encompasses a wide range of policies, policies that intersect with many other policies: its more than just preserving and expanding green spaces. It is trash disposal, energy use, housing policy, building codes, transportation policy. If we wish to do our part to reduce our carbon footprint, we need to interject an environmental perspective into each of those policy areas

A Healthier Montgomery County

Montgomery County's Montgomery Cares primary care program is an initiative that we can be proud of and needs to be expanded, especially when mean spirited politicians at the national level are hell bent on depriving the less privileged access to medical care. But if there is one thing I learned in my career in health care benefits it's that health care is far more than medical care. When we make this a greener and a more affordable county we also make it a healthier one.